Laser Removal


Laser removal is a technique in which the hair follicles are destroyed through pulses of laser light. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, then go for the laser removal. Laser epilation is a full body laser treatment that can be applied to any part of the body.

The laser hair removal does not permanently get rid of unwanted hair but it reduces the hair growth so much that you can stop shaving. Full body laser treatment has been seen most effective in people with dark hair and light skin.

Laser removal is done to decrease the growth of unwanted hair. It is commonly done on the face, armpits, chin, or upper lips. Though it is possible to remove unwanted here on any part of the body with full-body laser removal. It is not recommended for areas surrounding the eyes as it can cause severe eye injury.

Bikini laser removal, as the name suggests, removes hair from bikini. A full bikini laser will remove more unwanted hair from the bikini area as compared to normal bikini laser removal.

Laser epilation treatment in Dubai requires at least six sessions with a varying interval between each session for proven results. The results can fluctuate from patient to patient and it is hard to predict the results earlier. The risks involved in laser removal include skin irritation such as swelling, redness, or some pigmentation.

In the IPL laser removal therapy, the major difference is of the light source. In the case of IPL, the light source is intense pulse light whereas for laser the light source is monochromatic. The rest of the procedure is the same for both methods.

For full body laser removal or IPL laser removal, you can book your appointment with the dermatologist in Dubai.

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