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Adres Salon

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3 reviews

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Hair Colouring

Abhiram Sekhar 5

Feb 03 2022 01:02 PM


Hair Cut

Vinodh Kumar 5

Jul 17 2020 08:03 PM

Top notch service. Clean and hygienic. Highly recommend the place !!!

Hair Cut

Sachan kumar 5

Jul 17 2020 11:41 AM

Well being indian, never ever tried out a Turkish salon, was skeptical for that. But, all those anxities were put to rest with their hospitality. Commendable that they took good care of me and my son. Just goes to say talent and attitude has no boundaries. As far as expertise is concerned, anyone trying out must try Eres- the staff. He is amazing and very skilled, in one look, he gave me a wonderful cut and style. This store is highly recommended to try.

Hair Cut

2 0

Beard Trim & Set

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Beard Shave

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