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Al Kanz Fitness

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3 reviews

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Imran Khan 3.2

I L O V E this place. Everyone that has worked with me C A R E S about my fitness goals and nutritional needs! Definitely personalized and they take care to check in on how I am feeling - everyone is on the same page. Personal training is where it's at! In addition to the primo supplements I take and nutritional choices I've employed, THIS is the best money I have ever spent on my own health and well being. I WOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE RESULTS I DID AT A TYPICAL GYM. in less than 30 days I got stronger, toned, and carved out the abs I wanted quick - and it was because they pushed me when my mind was saying I had enough.

Bilal Lacher 2.7

Awesome gym with great trainers. They keep track of your progress very closely and keep updating the work routine for maximum impact. The trainers are helpful and motivate you to do your best. They discuss and resolve any problems being faced by you and educate you regarding the various workouts they recommend according to your body and objectives.

Aly Mohammed 2.8

"Lovely and supportive instructors, intense and challenging workouts, lots of class times to choose from, and wonderful variety of classes! I am halfway through my first month and I am excited