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SPA Home Service - Abu Dhabi

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548 reviews

Value of money (4/5)
Cleanliness (4/5)
Care & Attention (4/5)
Staff Expertise (4/5)
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Swedish Massage

Olivier 5

Very good massage and pleasant therapist

Thai Massage

Mesfer 5

It’s was amazing really she do nice massage

Swedish Massage

Yaser 5

Very very good. It was very professional.

Swedish Massage

Hassam 4.8

I throughly enjoyed the experience here!I made an appoinment with irritated neck and now i feel relaxed and re-energized at the top of the pain reduction

Swedish Massage

Rashed 4.8

Very professional 👍

Swedish Massage

Khalid 5

Very good. 5 stars. Very polite physiotherpist. Ms. Belle is profissional

Swedish Massage

Olivier 5

The therapist was perfect yesterday Very good and professional massage !!! Ms Made I would request her again for next time

Khaled 4.5

it was good

Swedish Massage

Latifa 4.8

very good massage we need same ladies

Swedish Massage

Nuzzo 5

Very good It's always good haha

Swedish Massage

Mr. Benny 5

It was nice The therapist was kind and hard working Thankyu for your services

Swedish Massage

Arjun 5

Really Good,Appreciate it

Artura 4.2

Service was good But she brought a huge bag with her for oil lol

Yehia 4.3

Excellent 🥰🥰🥰

Foot Reflexology

Mohammed 5

Adie five star

Swedish Massage

229 3

Thai Massage

31 1

Foot Reflexology

14 0