Body Pump Class in UAE


Body pump is a barbell-based, fast-paced workout that makes you lose calories and get toned. It implements The Rep Effect. The classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi consists of a blend of professional instructors, fast moves, and rousing music. It is a powerful workout that targets all your most important muscle groups.

Body pump is a high-rep and low-weight workout. A barbell with very low weights but a lot of repetitions of exercises is performed in this class. Your target is to accomplish about 800 reps of exercises. Exclusive music beats are played during the workout to get you in the rhythm. The session lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes.

A typical body pump workout includes exercises such as lunges, chest press, squats, reverse curl, or dead row. Attending a body pump class in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can lead to a lot of benefits. It helps you to attain your goal very quickly. The muscles get toned, and you lose weight. It increases your overall fitness and strength, protects your joints and bones from injury, and makes you feel confident.

Les Mills body pump workout is one of the most famous workouts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As it is an intense workout, you should only do it two to three times a week with at least one rest day between the body pump classes. if you are new to the workout, start with light weights and then gradually move ahead.

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