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Requested by : Saniya Posted: Jan 08 2020 12:32 PM

Query :

Hi! My hair are pretty rough & damaged because of highlights, which hair treatment is better, Keratin or Smoothening?

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Eyelash Secret Ladies Salon (Eyelash Secret Ladies Salon - SZR Sheikh Zayed Rd)

Jan 08 2020 12:49 PM

Uh have to visit here mam so we will check

Vani (Beautique Ladies Salon)

Jan 08 2020 12:50 PM

if u hair is not breaking apart then a keratin treatment would be advisable

Ali daood (Somay Beauty Salon)

Jan 08 2020 01:22 PM

hi sanya .I recommend to use smothing protein. its available in our salon somay beauty salon. this product we apply to your hair direct without washing. after 90 minute we will rinse the product and will dry your hair 100% after will start ironing

Spirals Salon (Spirals Salon)

Jan 08 2020 01:32 PM

Nothing of this to put now you have to put some tretment oil now and mask one week until colse the cuticle of the hair after that u make smooth free chemical

Nelofar (Ambiance Beauty Salon)

Jan 08 2020 01:35 PM

Hi Saniya. I would advice you smoothening treatment. It's very efficient . Thanks

Celine (Anchor Beauty Salon)

Jan 08 2020 01:45 PM

To get your hair straight and shiny I would recommend the product opti Straight by Matrix we do it at our salon it would be good if you could visit us so we can further advise you.

Anju (Sadaf Beauty Ladies Salon)

Jan 08 2020 01:56 PM

First of all u have to do deep conditioning 2-3 times to make ur hair lil normal after that keratin or botox are good option...dont do smoothening or rebonding

Ultimitz Salon (Ultimitz Salon)

Jan 27 2020 06:35 AM

With respect to all advises best way is balancing between hair treatment body hydrating and your iron level hymoglibin in your blood.. Then mean while this process aloe Vera hair condition and organic treatment work magic then the choice of kirateen or brotin or Botox depend on your hair volume and the individual hair width you may contact us for free consultation mobile or whats up 0502693858

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