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Is it normal to get hurt while massage?

Requested by : Susan Posted: Dec 24 2022 06:52 PM

Query :

Yesterday I had a full body massage. Today my shoulders are more painfull than before so it was quite a rough massage.

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Beutics (SPA Home Service Thai - Dubai)

Dec 24 2022 07:06 PM

For beginners, massage shouldn't be painful. Sometimes therapists will go in deeper to get a muscle to release. It can be a little uncomfortable in the short-run not quite pain, but intense pressure but you feel much better afterward. Let your therapist know if there are any places you want them to use a different type of pressure on or avoid altogether.

Beutics (SPA Home Service - Dubai)

Dec 28 2022 09:21 PM

If you are naturally more indolent than energetic then a massage will have the same effect as suddenly exercising. Your body will be sore as your muscles are forced into activity and the blood flow increases. This can cause inflammation - the body's natural healing process. A regulated schedule of massages wil get your body used to the inflammation and you will hardly notice the pain soon - just like regular exercise!

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