Is that Special Occasion coming up?... Celebration?... Special Event or Season?...


This time, why don’t you think outside the traditional “gift box”? –Touch the hearts of those special people with genuine concern for their health and confidence.
Gift a Wellbeing service!  –  How?  . . . Simple!

Send them a Beutics Gift A Service!

At Beutics, you can send a Gift Card, or a Specific Service or Bargain Offers!

What do you think they would prefer? – Beauty Treatment? Spa Therapy? Or a Fitness Program?

Its entirely up to you and them!

The process too is easy. Just select your category, then the service under that category. You can add recipient details along with a personalized note at checkout.

If the recipient is not in the Beutics Community as yet, you can still deliver the gift either instantly or at a later date. A link in an email or SMS message will invite them to join our community to claim the gift when they order services from Beutics. The gift is redeemable within 90 days from the day of purchase.

So, why wait?!? Surprise them with your gift and show your affection!




Select the category to gift the service.


Browse through stores & find ideal service.


Choose the best gift service you wish to gift


Add the service to cart & Click on BOOK NOW.


Select the option GIFT THIS.


Fill all the RECEIVERS & SENDERS Details.


You can click either SEND NOW or SEND LATER.


Make the payment. Perfect gift is on its way!

Select a category to gift a service with Beutics


Beutics can make a woman feel like a queen in front of her mirror! Beauty treatments transform your face into radiant glory! Beutics has them all! Professional stylists provide different types of hair treatments, facials & many more. Gift them to people who matter to you, make them feel like million dollars!


Beutics services gives you easy acess to professional and certified gym, yoga and dance trainers. Gift this access to those you care for, by providing trainers both in-store or at-home! Gift fitness with Beutics!


Cherish your favourite people with gifts of wellness. A wide spectrum of Spa serviices ranging from massages of every type to body scrubs to couple pampering provide for the perfect gift you can imagine. Prepare your presents early. Call Beutics!