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They were friendly and very upfront about costs and services. Can’t say enough good things. Will be back!!


The entire team was friendly, professional and gave you the feeling as if they were welcoming you into their home. This experience was so worth every penny spent. Beutics is something worth to choose


They are very accommodating, even if you need to get in last minute. Love their online mode of booking system. Always a great experience and great service


Thanks for the excellent service despite knowing I would not be a regular customer! Be it hygiene, luxurious treatments, they are world class! They’re the best I’ve seen, and I don’t exaggerate


Beutics and team are so professional and offer a great range of services. Will definitely recommend others to go. I will be booking with them again


The regular price package of Beutics looks Attractive and it’s definitely good value for your money. Give it a try! I will be going back regularly


Love the friendly and professional service from all the staff. Affordable price for their package. Will definitely continue my package with them


Quite easy to cmmunicate. Did their job to promote the packages but is not pushy. They will stop promoting when you reject. Recommended to all!!!! They are all good to their customers.


They are very professional, clean, attentive and precise, and best at time keeping. I won’t stop coming to this


I’ve been with Beutics for the last 2 years. They have never failed to impress me each time with their abilities to cope with the busy environment. Always cheerful and smiling.


Beutics people are nice and very punctual. Their staff is nice. The staff, communication is all on point! Their chat support is very friendly, informative and patient. Definitely my best experience to date, and I'll surely try to come back again


I am so thankful to Beutics. My skin was very sensitive that I was always concerned about the skin. Just after my 1st service, I could find the changes in my skin issues. Now I'm a regular customer of Beutics. I cannot recommend them any more highly


Never thought that the home massage session would be as good as visiting a spa. Booking system is great through whatsapp , very easy to book. they cleared all my doubts before doing the payment


It's easy to contact Beutics. They are always there for assisting..They gave us a spa feel at our home. We loved it!


It's easy to contact Beutics. They are always there for assisting..They gave us a spa feel at our home. We loved it!


Wonderful setup. They created spa ambiance. Extremely professional. I also recommended my friends to book from beutics.


I am totally impressed with beutics home services...Very good services with good prices!! Therapist are so great. Happy to book again.


I have been booking Beutics for the past 7 months. They have never disappointed me, Services are always worth the money I pay. I couldn't ask for anything better.


What an amazing service! Most attective thing is that, they are always at our service. Easy booking platform without complications and are always punctual and sharp. Staffs are also very professional.

Shashi Kumar

Best service I had in Dubai. I'm really happy with their service and attractive beauty package. Could not recommend Beutics more. Thanks for the amazing service can't wait to come back

Damian B