Anti Hair Fall Treatment
Anti Hair Fall Treatment

Hair-fall can occur due to various reasons. It could be a genetic trend if your family members
display its effect too, it can be hormonal changes contributing to heightened hair-fall, age, etc.
Such factors are typical. But other reasons can include irregular life routines, environmental
influence, sustained tension to the mind and body and even hair cared too much for! Yes. Too
frequent visits to the salon, especially inefficient ones with cheap products and unprofessional
staff, will make you lose hair badly.

Hair products can increase the dryness and weaken the hair if they have too much perfume
elements in it. Shampoos with high contents of sulphates and volume-making properties will
make the hair brittle.

When you decide to begin a hair fall treatment, first consult a good dermatologist to establish
the cause of hair-fall. You will have numerous options for the therapy.

·   Cyclical nutrition therapy to prepare you for hair loss treatment
·   Mesotherapy for hair fall and laser treatment can be done without safety issues on a
weekly basis for six to seven weeks.
·   Platelet-rich plasma therapy usually effective with a single session works in a single
session, it stimulates new hair growth by using your own blood growth factors
These treatments can be done safely with no elaborate care after procedure and no

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