Deep Conditioning
What is Deep Conditioning?

Deep conditioning is a procedure that restores the moisture content of your hair, strengthens it
and reduces the damage caused to it by chemicals and styling products. It begins with coating
and treating the strands with nourishing products
When your hair is left dry, damaged, or frizzy, you can restore its vitality with deep conditioning.
Deep conditioning products are loaded with nutrients and moisture that revive your hair to make
it manageable again.
The character and state of the hair and scalp require its own appropriate products. A heavier
conditioner is better suited to textured hair, and a lighter product for straight and fine hair.
Deep conditioning treatments work best on freshly washed and clean hair. The conditioner is
massaged into the hair shafts and allowed to sit for about half an hour.

Sometimes the hair is blow-dried to let the heat make the product penetrate into the body of the
hair and be absorbed completely.
As a final touch, the hair is washed with cool water. A scheduled deep conditioning treatment for
once or twice a week will maintain the luster and good health of hair.

-          Hydrates and Softens Hair
-          Repairs Damage From Appliances, Like Curl or Flat Irons
-          Repairs Damage From Too Much Sun
-          Repairs Damage From Chemicals and Even Medications

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