Dermalogica Oxy Facial
What is Dermalogica Oxy Facial?

Dermalogica is a leading brand in the cosmetic product industry. The Dermalogica Oxy Facial is a customized process used in the administration of Oxygen Facials.
Oxygen Facials
Oxygen facials are a new trend that helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles on the face, to boost blood circulation and stimulate collagen production for more youthful skin.

What is an oxygen facial essentially?
An oxygen facial is a procedure administered by an aesthetician in a spa. Nothing is injected into the body and no chemicals are used. So it is ‘non-medical’. The idea is that the body needs oxygen to thrive, so skin cells that are fully oxygenated by an oxygen facial will brimming with vitality and fitness! 

How is it administered? 
The face is first thoroughly cleansed and scrubbed. Normally, a wand delivers a jet of highly pressurized oxygen onto the skin. Serum containing hyaluronic acid is also applied through the wand. Treatment lasts about half an hour typically. 

-          Amplified radiance
-          Hydrated skin surface
-          Even tones
-          Diminished fine wrinkles
-          Controls acne

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