Hot Oil Hair Treatment
What is Hot Oil Hair Treatment?

Hot oil treatment for the hair is ideal for reviving dry and brittle hair.
The vegHot Hair Oil Scalp Massage will produce longer and more lustrous locks in no time. The process itself is soothing and very relaxing.
The beneficial oils seep into the pores in your scalp invigorating your hair health.
Every hair type is known to benefit from this treatment.etative oils from plants like coconut, almond, and olive, work their way into the shoots of
the hair follicle and seal the cuticle. This process will give the strands vibrancy and a bit of pep

The immediate benefits are:

  •  Boosts hair growth. Blood circulation into the area of

  •  The scalp massage with hot oil, is greatly increased and thus

  •   Nutrients are fed into hair follicles that sprout new hair. The 

  •   Hair follicles are nourished and strengthened.

  •  It controls the frizz that damages the appearance of hair from loss of moisture.

  •  It controls dry scalp issues like dandruff and other scalp ailments.

  •  It repairs the cuticles and repairs damage to the hair.

  •  It prevents premature graying.

The plant oils have natural protective and moisturizing properties.
The benefits of Hot Oil treatment on hair include:

  •  increased hair strength

  •  reduced dryness of both the scalp and hair

  •  help with dandruff relief

  •  reduced frizz

  •  fewer split ends

  •  increased blood flow in the scalp, which may help promote healthier hair

When the right oil is selected for a client’s hair, it is first washed clean to let the oil flow deep
inside to the cuticle. Oil is then applied after combing out the hair to free it from tangles. It
massaged gently into the scalp.
The head is covered with a shower cap while it is reclined to let the oil seep into the scalp for
about 20 minutes. Then the hair is rinsed and normally used conditioner is applied.
Repeating the process weekly is a healthy habit for light, bouncy hair.

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