Hydration Treatment
What is Hydration Treatment?

When Summer time comes the weather can play havoc with your skin and hair. Then you know
its time for trips to the beach, luxurious spa treatments, and long, relaxing holidays. Beutics has
fresh and new hydrating spa treatments that you must try!
The Intense Hydrating Facial will leave you feeling rejuvenated and full of energy. It consists of
exfoliation, deep cleansing, and intense moisturizing.
The Hydrating Eye Treatment which gets rid of dark circles or puffy eyes by using eye masks,
eye creams, and cleansing brushes to soften the area your under eyes
The Full Body Scrubs will not only hydrate your skin completely with the use of organic scrubs
and exfoliating brushes, but the massage will also relax any sort of tension in your muscles.
The Hair Conditioning Treatment for hair that feels rough and has been falling out, a hair
a conditioning treatment will be ideal to lock in the moisture in your hair and hydrate your scalp to
reduce hair fall.
The Facial Steaming unclogs your pores and regulate blood circulation which requires giving
your skin is hydrated to get a healthy glow and flawless skin.
Call us at Beutics to avail these wonderful treatments and submerge yourself into a relaxing and
luxurious hydration therapy.
Benefits include:

  • You can maintain a healthy scalp and hair

  • You can maintain a persistent moisture content in your hair

  • You can protect your hair from damage caused by abrasion while sleeping, weather conditions, medicines etc.

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