L’Oreal PowerMix Treatment
What is L’Oreal PowerMix Treatment?

It is one of the premium choices in hair repair choices across the world today. The PowerMix is not a pre-compounded product used as a single solution for all, but a pack of constituent ingredients ready to be concocted according to the customer’s need, into a very specific solution. For this, the stylist will appraise the customer’s requirements based on their hair issues and combine the additives on the spot to design a customer-specific solution to their hair problems.
The process is initiated with Micellar technology which combines the base and the additive to create a highly concentrated hair masque. This applied to the hair and allowed to set for a few minutes after which it is rinsed off. The transformation of the hair is striking
Benefits :
-           Regulated hair treatment in correct intervals and 
            exact dosage with prokératine to soften unruly, rebellious and curly hair.
-          Hair takes on a creamy jelly texture
-          Highly concentrated ingredients form the base of the product
-          Hair becomes soft and brilliant
-          Tangles and frizz are sorted out and controlled

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