Laser Hair Removal in UAE


On average, women waste more than 1700 hours of their life to get rid of body hair. Why not try permanent hair removal and forget all the frets? Save pain, time, and expense.

Everyone wants to permanently get rid of those unwanted hair growing on their face, underarm, bikini, back or full body. We provide you with the clinics and salons offering hair removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah or the rest of UAE.

The hair specialists or dermatologist examine your hair growth and suggest you the best available therapy for hair removal. The laser hair removal is safe for the full body; you can undergo the treatment for all parts of your body without any fear.

The most common hair removal method is used for laser treatment for facial hair. It results in smooth and glowing skin.

In laser hair removal for women or men, a concentrated stream of light is riveted on the melanin in the hair. This converts into heat and moves down to the follicle to neutralize. Thus, the follicle will be unable to grow the unwanted hair back again. This entire procedure requires several sessions depending on your hair type and hair strength.

In the IPL hair removal therapy, the major difference is of the light source. In the case of IPL, the light source is intense pulse light whereas for laser the light source is monochromatic. The rest of the procedure is same for both methods.

The team of dermatologists at our enlisted skin clinics are highly qualified and professional who deliver tailored care to each client. There are several offers available at different skin clinics that you can avail of for your laser hair removal.

You must complete all your sessions for a satisfactory outcome and hair removal. It all depends on factors such as gender, the thickness of hair, skin colour, health conditions, and the area of body or face being treated. All these factors will be analyzed by your selected dermatologist and the best-suited plan will be suggested.

Book your consultation with the dermatologist now at a nearby clinic or salon in Jumeira Dubai or the rest of the UAE for laser hair removal.

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