Manicure Pedicure in UAE


Pamper your hands and feet with the mani-pedi at salons and spas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There is a range of classic and special services for manicures and pedicures. Give your nails a new and trending look.

The manicure and pedicure treatment gives your hands and feet the much desirable uplift. The salons mostly use natural products, exfoliating creams, and essential oils to moisturize and add shine. When manicure and pedicure are taken in combination, spas offer deals. You can browse for your favourite beauty parlours and check their special offers and deals.

You can indulge in Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s mani-pedi treatments at a spa or the comfort of your home with our home services. The services offered will surely make your hand and feet healthy and soft.

Manicure is a beauty treatment performed on the hands and hand nails. In this process, the nails are filed and given proper shape, nonliving tissues are clipped off, scrubbing and massage of hands, and finally, apply of nail color to your hand nails. A professional manicure mostly lasts it results for one to two weeks. Generally, the overall health of the hand is maintained.

In the case of a pedicure, the feet and toenails are pampered similar to the manicure. In this cosmetic therapy, the feet are soaked in salty water, then the feet are scrubbed, the toenails are filed into good shape, scrubbing and massage of the feet, and at last nail color is applied on the toenails.

Make your hands and feet feel special and healthy. Mark your date and book an appointment for the mani-pedi at your nearest parlour.

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