Balinese Spa Treatment in UAE


Balinese massage is a full body treatment involving deep tissues. The Balinese massage consists of a blend of acupressure, mild stretches, aromatherapy, and reflexology. This, Balinese spa treatment, results in the flow of oxygen, blood, and energy across the body.

The different type of Balinese spa includes Sasak massage, Lombok massage, urat massage, Balinese Boreh, and Javanese Lulur Ritual.

The techniques used in the Balinese spa are kneading, skin rolling, stroking, and stimulation of pressure points. Balinese massage makes you calm, relax, and rises a feeling of wellbeing. The use of aromatherapy is quite effective as the fragrance of the essential oils calm your mind. The sessions mostly take about an hour.

Balinese massage is mostly carried out on a massage couch or a floor mattress. Anticipate the Balinese spa therapist to use very deep pressure to reach those deep, damaged muscles. After the session, you will surely feel re-energized, calm, and refreshed.

If you are looking to try a variety of massage techniques, then Balinese massage is for you. Book your appointment for a Balinese spa treatment.

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