Foot Reflexology Spa in UAE


Foot reflexology is more than just a simple foot massage. In the foot reflexology, the pressure is applied to particular reflex points in the foot. It is believed that these points are connected to other organs of the body. It is reflected to provoke a healing effect. It is one of the most common types of foot massage.

During the process, the pressure applied on the targeted pressure points results in energy flow and blood circulation to the entire body. There are so many benefits related to this spa procedure.

In contrast to the foot massage, it helps healing sinus problems, headaches, or stomach issues. It has also been proven beneficial in terms of cleansing the body toxins, improving the immune system, or increasing circulation. Generally, it enhances our overall health and lifts the person’s mood.

The foot reflexology therapist is a specialized and highly skilled reflexologist that has knowledge of specific pressure points. Its session can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Other than the foot, the pressure can be applied to certain pressure points in the hand and the ears.

Foot reflexology is not a scientifically proven treatment process but it can be helpful and offer health benefits. You can take the foot reflexology treatment at several spas in Dubai.

Look for a trained reflexologist in Dubai and book your appointment.


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