Hammam Spa & Turkish Bath in UAE


A Hammam treatment, also known as the Turkish bath, is a public steam room where people visit to cleanse their bodies. A frequent visit to the hammam in Dubai can be quite beneficial for the body. It helps in blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and makes you feel better and healthier.

The treatment can take as long as an hour which kicks off with 10-minutes steam and sauna. It is wet, steamy, and cozy. The mild heat makes your skin soft which gets your body ready for the exfoliation. Exfoliation is done in the spa on a stone bed that is heated. The final step is the foam massage to relax your nerves and muscles.

Hamman is a Middle Eastern variation to a steam bath. This bath can be well thought out as a wet edition of a sauna. The prime advantage is that it removes the dead skin and cleanses your body’s pores. The spa offers a range of hammam baths that have a positive effect on your body, soul, and skin.

Book your hammam appointment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa offers the best Turkish hammam in Abu Dhabi. Feel refreshed and revived with a smooth and glowing skin through the hammam and massage procedure.

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