4.4 (2684 Reviews - Exceptional)

SPA Home Service - Dubai

Staff Speak : English, Hindi, Indonesian, Tagalog, etc.

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2684 reviews

Value of money (4/5)
Cleanliness (4/5)
Care & Attention (4/5)
Staff Expertise (4/5)
Location (4/5)
Facilities / Activities (4/5)


Thai Massage

Shaahid 4.8

It was an excellent massage

Swedish Massage

Marc 4.3


Mohit 4.3

It was good

Swedish Massage

Mohamad 4.7

It was nice.very expertised service!

Swedish Massage

Rony 5

Fantastic massage!lovely firm pressure combined with warm oil. An hour of total relaxation!

Deep Tissue Massage

Vaibhav 5

It was very very good. Everything was perfect.

Swedish Massage Body Scrub

Khalid 4.5

Everything was nice.perfectly done

Deep Tissue Massage

Des 4.8

It was good, everything was perfect

Swedish Massage

Suhha 4.5

Excellent service

Swedish Massage

Kumar 4.7

It was good. Everything was perfect.

Aroma Massage

Ahmed 4.7

It was good, really appreciate it.

Deep Tissue Massage Four Hands Swedish Massage

Lalit 4.5

It was good. Worth for the money!

Swedish Massage

Chemi 4.3

Enjoyed it.

Deep Tissue Massage

Roshan 5

Dia Was brilliant! She got right to the deep of the problems and worked wonders with best massage

Thai Massage

Michael 5

I’ve always had difficulty stretching my back, its always been tight, but it feels great now, not like my own back at all.

Swedish Massage

983 7

Deep Tissue Massage

425 5

Thai Massage

76 1

Aroma Massage

53 0

Body Scrub

4 0

Four Hands Swedish Massage

2 0