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Salon Home Service Women - Dubai

Staff Speak : English, Hindi, Nepali, Tagalog, etc.

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453 reviews

Value of money (4/5)
Cleanliness (4/5)
Care & Attention (4/5)
Staff Expertise (4/5)
Location (4/5)
Facilities / Activities (4/5)


Classic Manicure Classic Pedicure

Ghizlane 4.5

Done they have been amazing with my mother I really appreciated it.

Spa Pedicure

Hari 5

it was good

Classic Manicure Classic Pedicure

Abdulla 4.2

The best manicure I've ever had . My nails were buffed within an inch of their lives and are so smooth and shiny. the lovely people working here really..

Classic Manicure Classic Pedicure

Samuel 3.7

ii have done mani Pedi in another which was not so good. but, here i liked it very much

Facial - Deep Cleansing Classic Manicure Classic Pedicure

Ismail 4.3

Amazing , wonderful

Full Body with out bikini

Ibrahim 3.8

i had done full waxing they have done it very clearly. nice.

Classic Manicure Classic Pedicure

Saiful 4.2

thank you for the best services.

Blow Dry Curls

Sana 4.3

it was good and ok

Spa Manicure

Hamid 4.2

it was good

Bleach - Underarms Bleach - Stomach

Natasha 4.5

It was amazing

Classic Pedicure

50 0

Classic Manicure

43 0

Swedish Massage

42 0

Gelish Manicure

33 0

Gelish Pedicure

32 0

Blow Dry Straight

29 0

Facial - Dr Renaud

26 0

Full Body with out bikini

23 0

Full Body with bikini

22 1

Acrylic Extensions

22 0