Pilates Classes in UAE


Pilates is a fitness workout developed by the trainer Joseph Pilates. In this core workout, all your body muscles are targeted. It is a low-intensity workout that strengthens your muscles. In a Pilates class, the exercises are performed in a specific order.

There is a particular technique involved in pilates. The exercises may look easy-going, but the workout requires a lot of control and accuracy. This workout does not make you sweat a lot but it is challenging. You have to focus on your breathing and concentration. A typical class can last for 45 minutes to one hour.

It can be performed on the machines or a gym mat. Regularly taking the classes can result in a lot of benefits. It emphasizes on the body’s alignment and improves your posture and flexibility. You will feel better and stronger. If you are a beginner, try with basic and simple exercises and then gradually move to tougher ones.

The foremost focus of a pilates class is on the core of your body but it strengthens your legs and arms too. It is not a cardio workout but it makes your muscles sturdier. Instead of using weights, the body’s own weight is used.

For a lower yet tougher workout that targets your core, find the fitness studio offering Pilates classes in Dubai (Marina) or Abu Dhabi.



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