2.9 (5 Reviews - Good)

Dreamworks Spa - (Aloft Hotel)

Staff Speak : English etc.

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5 reviews

Value of money (3/5)
Cleanliness (3/5)
Care & Attention (2/5)
Staff Expertise (3/5)
Location (2/5)
Facilities / Activities (3/5)


Mohammed Samir 3.2

Very much impressed with stylist Mohmed. He knows what is best for me and his service is really awesome. I come all the way from JLT to this salon.

Raja Kumar 2.7

Very professional, neat, clean and provides incentives and discounts. Good value for money

Dhams Umar 3.2

This is my local chop shop. Very friendly, excellent service but its always busy. So I have to book in advance. Excellent cuts and slick shaves

Prince Patel 2.8

friendly staff affordable price and a nice free head and back massage after the haircut

ali khan 2.8

A salon on the high looking side located in a reasonable area with reasonable prices and great staff. The ambiance as well is amazing given the location.